Card of the month for May:

Today’s card, the beautiful Queen of Pentacles has many admirable qualities about her. She represents someone who is a healer, a working parent, a self-made person, abundance, strength in family and community, a kind and nurturing heart, groundedness, being down to earth, and generous.

This self-made queen reminds you to step into abundance by shifting any shadows you are holding onto around wealth and security. Remember, you are safe. 💚

This card brings a message of comfort and happiness, as well as a life well lived.
Be sure to connect with nature to find your calm, healing, and rooted power, and harness the abundance that’s available to you by bringing groundedness to your situation. Shower others with warm blessings from a charitable heart, as loyalty, family, and community are themes at this time. Your nurturing and down to earth approach will give stability and support to those in your life who need it most.

“I enjoy my deeply connected life, and I lead it with an outpouring of warmth, abundance, and love.”

Hugs and many blessings,

—Melissa 💜💜

Published by autumnrose1976

Psychic-Medium and Life Coach

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