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Welcome to my very first blog post! I love sharing various things, and today’s message has to do with one my favorite tarot cards from the Light Seers Deck, the 9 of Pentacles.

This card for me is always a breath of fresh air and makes me smile, most likely because of how the woman pictured here is filled with joy. The 9 of Pentacles Is a very high vibrational card, as it represents spiritual and material satisfaction, personal achievement, inner peace and milestones met.

 The message of this card is:

“You know those moments where everything feels a little bit brighter? You are finally reaching one of those moments—a culmination of hard work and desire, when you will be stepping into your manifested hopes. These moments of spiritual and material bliss are highly personal and serve as funnels of glowing success! Look for this feeling as it surges into your heart, and use its power to move mountains, spread love, and enjoy your harvest. Go ahead and bask—you deserve it!”

Remember that spending some time alone will help you process your progress.

Then go ahead and celebrate!



May be an image of text that says 'q of Pentacles'

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